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Allegheny Mountain Chapter of the AMCA

Discover the heart of our community—a chapter within the Antique Motorcycle Club of America. Our vibrant membership hails from the scenic Tri-State area, encompassing Western Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia. Join us as we rev up the passion for antique motorcycles and embark on a journey through the rich heritage of motorcycling history.

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About Our Club

Discover the rich history and shared passion that define the Allegheny Mountain Chapter. Explore our club’s journey through time, preserving the legacy of antique motorcycles.

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Meet Our Members

Get to know the diverse personalities that make up our riding family. From dedicated officers to passionate enthusiasts, our community is a tapestry of unique stories and shared love for classic bikes.

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Stay in the loop with our latest updates, events, and stories. Dive into the world of antique motorcycles through our insightful newsletters—your gateway to the heart of our riding community.

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Capturing the Ride in Photos

Embark on a visual journey through moments frozen in time. Our photo collection encapsulates the spirit of our rides, events, and the camaraderie shared among antique motorcycle enthusiasts. Explore the memories that define our community.

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