2021 Ride Pics

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Ace Allison Ride

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Our ride on 8-23-20 was a different format than the usual.

We met at Ace Allison’s Engines for a tour of his unique facility for about an hour with questions and answers

along the way. Then we went for a 60 mile ride up over Chestnut Ridge and through the Laurel Highlands.


Rides 5/24 and 5/30/2020

Ride from Brady’s Rt. 31 Donegal to Bakersville/Edie road, 985 to 271 (34 bikes )

Ride from Joe Ferri’s Joey’s Edge in Export, 286 through Saltsburg past Clarksburg to Conemaugh Dam loop ( 8 bikes )

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Rock Run III

This was the Rock Run III, it was the 3rd time that I hosted a ride from my Dad’s Rolling Rock Museum & After Hours Bar. After a 100 mile ride, we had lunch and a beverage waiting for us.

I would like to thank my wife Sandy for all the prep. work to get things organized and ready, My Dad for the 1/2 pound grilled hot dogs, and Renee Shepler for the sloppy-joe and Italian beef.

We had about 18 bikes, a nice sunny day, and a good ride.

Todd Mickinak

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National Road Run 2019

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Lincoln Highway Museum Run

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Brews Bands & Bikes 2018

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Hawg City Run 2018

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Raccoon Creek Run 2018

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Blessing of the Bikes 2018

Sunday 4/15/18, the Allegheny Mountain Chapter met @ Joeys The Edge bar @ 10:00 am for coffee and donuts courtesy of Joe, Joe led some of us over to the Alliance Church for the annual blessing of the bikes, after that a few took a short ride and had lunch stop on the way home

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Fall Run 2017

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Whiskey Rebellion Run

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Export Festival

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Brews Bands & Bikes 2017

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Syria Motor Corps Poker Run 2017

14 Antique motorcycles where on display this year at the Syria Motor Corps Run in Cheswick Pa.

There was coffee & donuts when we arrived and perfect weather for a ride through the country.

A great lunch and refreshments was ready when we returned from our ride. Thanks to Dick Stemmler and Curt Poole for coordinating the motorcyle show and inviting our club to the event.

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Rock Run Ride

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Evan’s City Run 2017

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Blessing of the Bikes 2017

We met at Joeys The Edge before the Blessing of the bikes event in Murrysville.
Joe had coffee and donuts for us there, had a good turnout and a beautiful day for a ride after.
Todd Mickinak

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Christmas Party 2016

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Fall Road Run 2016

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Brews Bands & Bikes 2016

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Syria Motor Corps Show 2016

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Harrisville Show

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Road House Run June 2016

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Fall Run 2015

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Lynn Moyer’s Mystery Road Run 2015

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Syria Shrine Poker Run 2015

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Meadville Run 2015

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Z&M Run 2015

This small display of motorcycles is a representation of Harley Davidson manufactured in the 40,  50, and  60 “s


It looks like a “Beemer” snuck in there too!

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Spring Run 2015
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National Road Run 2014

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Brownsville Steam Show Run 2014

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Red Arrow Run 2014

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Mystery Run 2013

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 Fall Run 2013

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 Armagh Run 2013

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